"The Band" wins Hottest Feature at the Feminist Porn Awards in Canada!

Wow is all I can say. Its an honor to be considered amoung such a talented group of women, but to win an award blew my mind! They actually let me know in advance and I've had to sit on it for a few weeks, which has been hard, but now that its all over I can let you all know. Check out all the winners here.

I wish I had been there but due to my physical condition I had to stay here in Australia! Oh well, but I did record an acceptance speech and sent it to them to screen on the night.

When my award arrives in the mail, I'll take a picture and put it up here for all to see! Does that mean I can now call myself multi award winning feminist erotic filmmaker??? hee hee

On other films, after a weeks break I'm back to fine cutting "Making it Handmade!" Hoping to knock it over in a month or so but worried as my teaching load is about to increase for the next six weeks....looks like I'll be kissing my weekends goodbye!!


Rough cut of "Making it Handmade" finished and other news!

Photo by Rayna Fahey

Finally, I have finished the rough cut for "Making it Handmade!". It feels great but also has left me feeling unmotivated, or maybe I just need some rest after arriving in my office too many mornings at 4:30am to begin work! Yes madness I know, but I'm not a very good sleeper and figured why spend two to three hours trying to get back to sleep when I could go and work, undisturbed instead!! It was a great idea at the time, but I think I'm paying for it now.

I screened the cut to Rayna Fahey of Radical Cross Stitch and Casey Jenkins of Craft Cartel, who are both in it, the other night and got a great response from them, which was ace. They said they felt inspired to go out and make more things. I just hope it has the same effect on everyone who watches it!

Other news, if you are in the Philippines, try and grab a copy of the Jan/Feb edition of Playboy magazine as there is an article about female erotic filmmakers, and yes I'm one of them. I was hoping to post the article here but I'm still waiting on the last three pages...they gave the article 6 pages!!

An article I wrote on the amazing women I meet at the Berlin Porn Film Festival (which is calling for entries for this years festival), in Metro magazine, has hit news stands, so go and check it out!

Still on amazing women at the Berlin Porn Film Festival, Petra Joy is soon releasing an exiting compilation of female made erotica, with scenes from the films and interviews, called "Her Porn Volume Two". She interviewed me for it while I was in Berlin, so I can't wait to see the final product. The trailer is online now, but be warned its nude and sexy, so don't watch it at work!!! hee hee

Also got two very exciting bits of news over the past few days but have to keep a lid on it for a little while, but will let you know as soon as I'm able! I hate keeping secrets!