"Making it HANDMADE"

I feel so lucky this week to be able to dedicate all my time to interviewing and shooting for my latest film entitled "Making it Handmade"! It a documentary about the Melbourne Indie Craft movement/scene.

Yesterday, I interviewed the lovely editor of MixTape Zine, Justine. I have to admit that I was nervous as she is the first person I have interviewed without having meet her in the flesh first, but I have been a fan of her Zine for quite awhile. If you are into craft and art or both check it out. She told me about some very exiting plans she has for the future, and I can see the Zine growing up and becoming a magaZine in the very near future.

This afternoon I'm off to interview Pip Lincolne, the queen of handmade in Melbourne. She has squeezed me into her busy schedule (thank you sooo much), she currently writing a new book and I'm looking forward to talking with her about it today.

I'll keep you updated with the other wonderful people I will be interviewing this week.

On another note: it looks like "The Band" has sold to at least one country, just waiting on final confirmation...but will let you know.


The Band and Cannes

Finally, I heard back from the sales agent in regards to the screening of "THE BAND' at Cannes film market.

The screening was 70% full...not bad for a very small very independent Australian Film! Only a few people left but all returned to grab screeners!

There maybe a sale of the film, but nothing completely confirmed as yet...will keep you posted.

In the meantime I am writing a treatment for a documentary I would like to make while in Berlin for the Berlin Porn Film Festival. I hate writing such documents and get distracted and start writing a script instead, and visualizing instead! Writing for something that is a visual medium sucks the big one!

Also trying to find a producer, but no doubt will end up doing it myself again...oh black mood leave me now!