Rough Cutting "Making it Handmade!"

Knickers Making Day from a Kaotic Kraft Kuties Gathering.

Last week, after an extremely unproductive and frustrating week, I have decided to take a rest from writing "Talk to Me". It was driving me nuts and I kept trying to do everything else to avoid writing. As one of my music teachers said when I was a child "procrastination is the robber of time and thief of opportunity!" So rather than continue the torture I have put the script aside until I'm once again ready to face it and make a more concerted and positive go of it!

In the meantime, my hands have not been still and I have begun rough cutting "Making it Handmade!" This is bringing me considerable joy and after three days I'm nearly half way through it! Why is making films so much more fun than writing them!!!??

"Making it Handmade!" is the first real documentary I have attempted. I've been shooting it for about a year now and the editing skills I learnt while working as an editing assistant under the brilliant Tony Stevens last year has been invaluable. Thanks Tony you rock!

I'm hoping to have a rough cut finished by the end of Feburary, so I must return to FCP and continue.

No doubt I will write again before the end of march....but if not keep an out for an article I wrote on the Berlin Porn Film Festival in Metro Magazine.

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  1. I'm amazed with the photo! It's hilarious, Anna! Well, I know that you really have a natural talent in film making just by reading your post. I hope I can watch "Making It Handmade" in the future by any means. I'll surely include it in my collections of short films. I got this hobby from my older brother who loves collecting all kinds of films. He's a huge fan of a talented American film producer and businessman named Gadi Leshem. In fact, he studied all the documentary films created by Leshem such as Young Blood Full, Ogdenski, Ludwig, and many others. Thanks for sharing!