Change of date for "Making It Handmade" screening on ABC2!

Looks like "Making it Handmade" is hitting our screens earlier than expected and is now scheduled to premiere on ABC2 Sunday 14th August at 9:30pm.

You'll get to see the wonderful women who took part in the doco, Pip Lincolne, Rayna Fahey, Casey Jenkins, Gemma Jones and Justin Telfer, talking about all things craft!

So set your alarm clocks, grab your craft and enjoy!


  1. Hi,

    I just discovered your documentary via Much Love but missed the screening. Will it be re-screened anytime soon?
    I am an archaeologist (currently doing my PhD) & graffiti archaeology (the study if graffiti & what it says about modern society) has always been an interest of mine, but I merely dabble in it ...

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  2. Is there anything i can do to see this again? Will it be on iView?