Falling in...... Stage 2

Stage 2 is now up and happening and you can check it out the NGV studio from yesterday, Thursday 27th until Sun 30th September 2012. The Studio is open from 10 - 10 Thu - Sat and 10 - 5 Sun.

My video piece is being projected onto the Falling sculptures made by Annee Miron.

And next year the choreographer Favela Vera Ortiz and dancer, Sanna From, arrive from Finland for Stage 3.

I was quite happy with how the video images have turned out and it was great fun to edit them as I could experiement and play with footage unlike a traditional narrative based project. 

Yesterday, we had some problems with the projection, mainly being that the space is sooo light filled that the images are quite hard to see.  The photo above was taken at night and the images are stronger and clearer then.

This is the same image late afternoon.  It actually comes up better as a photo than looking at it with the naked eye.

Its given me food for thought I will go away and rework a few things ready for the next stage!

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