More craft filth!

Vagina dentata
Anna in crafty action!

I've decided I shouldn't write blog entries at 2am in the morning while working a 16 hour day, it just doesn't make for good writing and hence good reading!

Let's move on.

Trashbag rehab had their second gathering, this times it wasn't cunt fling ups but porn embroidery! The turn up was massive, they even had to turn people away! The press love Casey who organises it and a writer for The Age conducted interviews and a photographer took some naughty shots of Casey topless with embroided breasts in front of her own, but I noticed they did a reshoot the next day and had her looking more subdued!!! ah the joys of living in conservative times! Check out the article.

It was great to document this subversion of domestic arts and I even had time to sit down and do a little craft myself, a vagina dentata on a lovely hankie that the wonderful Gemma Jones of Kaotic Kraft Kuties gave to me...someone suggested it should be used as a cum rage and when I arrived home I presented it to my love one with the suggestion that next time he had a pull he could use this to "clean up". He looked at it in horror and stated that it was scary and didn't know if he wanted his nob anywhere near it!!

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