THE BAND screening

The night of the cast and crew screening finally arrived!  I must admit I was very nervous.  Putting your work out there for all to see is hard and my mind was racing...what if they don't like it?  What if people don't laugh?  

I arrived early and began putting up the posters I had especially made for the night (thanks Swinburne Uni for having staff color photocopiers!), followed by a couple of vodkas.  People began arriving soon after and after a few drinks, I ushered them into the cinema.  Wow it was crowded no room to move.  I introduced the film, thanked everyone who was involved in the film, dimmed the lights and then it all began.  

It was too crowded so I sat outside with my partner and sister.   I snuck up to listen at the door several times, and was filled with glee that people were laughing within the first few minutes!  yah!

Once it was over, the two people who I work with at my straight industry job, who I thought were cool made a sudden dash for the door as soon as it was finished.  One even ran straight past me and said nothing!  Needless to say it has not been mentioned at work since!!  

When you surround yourself with such open minded people, it still shocks me that others aren't!

Luckily, there were many other great people there:  Rupert, Butch Mid-Way, Jimstar and Anthea who acted in the film all turned up.  As did lots of the crew and all the wonderful people who worked on the film for free!  

The feedback was all good and positive.  Even my brother who is usually my harshest critic thought it was great!  I knew I was on a winner when the bartender said at the end of the night that he had only heard good things, and apparently bartenders always hear the truth!

People were asking if there is going to be a sound track released because they loved the music.  Thanks to the very talented Moscow School Boy for the original composition, Sons of Lee Marvin, The Dacios and Butch Midway.  Rock 'n' Roll porn rules!

Thanks to all those who came and thanks to all those who made making The Band.

If you happen to be in France in May it is screening at the Cannes Market, I'll let you know the exact details soon.

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