Shooting Cunts!

I had a great night last night shooting the first ever Trashbag Rehab, which is a craft night set up by Casey who is also part of the Melbourne Craft Cartel.  The theme last night was Cunt Fling ups. 

The turn out was huge, when I left people were still turning up.  Not bad for a cold Monday night! It amazing how craft can draw people together and I was surprised how many men also turned up, but then again they like cunts too!  One women brought her 8 year old son along who was having a great time making his own cunt.  I spoke with his mother before I left and she said he didn't actually know what it was but asked her towards the end of the night, she was very happy that her son's first encounter with a vagina was a fun and positive one!  Right on Mum!!

I got lots of great footage and I'm looking forward to interviewing Casey on Easter Monday.  You can check out her blog  !  ( Yah I finally learnt how to make links...mmm yes sometimes I'm a little slow!).

Also I caught up with Rayna of radical cross stitch, who I have already interviewed but need to do some more shooting of her prankster/ craftivism and it looks like she has more planned so I'll keep you informed of what is happening.  You can check out my award winning short of one of her crafty pranks here.

I'm feeling excited about making films again and after a brief period of trying all the usual avenues to get funding etc, I have decided to do what I have always done and go out there and do it myself.  There is more than one way to make a film and fuck if I have to wait around in this country to get money from the funding bodies I will die and never make another film again.  There is something seriously wrong with the structure and manner that you have to apply for funding, extremely restrictive and if you are like myself and have worked outside the system, they don't want to know about you!!

Rant, rant, rant, enough for today!



  1. Thanks for coming, lady - what fuuuuuun x

  2. nice one on the whole DIY thing

  3. Well they certainly are not fecundity bodies that is for sure. That's why we call them Arse Grants because you've got to kiss them in order to be granted some dough. Apparently though we are having a glut year of Ozzie films in the cinemas, I wonder which selected cinemas?

    :) Rups