Interviewing Casey, creator of cunts!

Ah Easter, time to over indulge, eat lots of chocolate and generally lay around.  All of which I have done, except the eat lots of chocolate.....okay I ate some!

However, today while everyone here froliced in the beautiful sunny autumn day, I got to interview the lovely Casey, who runs the Melbourne Craft Cartel, with Rayna Fahey. She also organizes Trashbag Rehab, which I shot at the other night where many wonderful people made cunt fling ups!

We had a nice lunch together and then proceeded to do the interview.  What could be better than spending the afternoon talking about cunts and craft!   I remembered when I first meet Casey, while filming the Melbourne Revolutionary Craft Circle in action, she was so quite and unassuming, who would have guessed behind that was a woman wanting to reclaim the word cunt and make it beautiful once more!  A truely awe inspiring woman who makes edgy craft that pushes the boundaries of good taste!

Afterwards, I shot some cut aways and must make a note for the future not to drink more than one cup of coffee before doing so...lets just say I have a feeling there is going to be some seriously shaky camera work.

I'm cutting together a montage from the cunt fling ups night and will let you all know when its up on youtube.

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