"The Band" wins Hottest Feature at the Feminist Porn Awards in Canada!

Wow is all I can say. Its an honor to be considered amoung such a talented group of women, but to win an award blew my mind! They actually let me know in advance and I've had to sit on it for a few weeks, which has been hard, but now that its all over I can let you all know. Check out all the winners here.

I wish I had been there but due to my physical condition I had to stay here in Australia! Oh well, but I did record an acceptance speech and sent it to them to screen on the night.

When my award arrives in the mail, I'll take a picture and put it up here for all to see! Does that mean I can now call myself multi award winning feminist erotic filmmaker??? hee hee

On other films, after a weeks break I'm back to fine cutting "Making it Handmade!" Hoping to knock it over in a month or so but worried as my teaching load is about to increase for the next six weeks....looks like I'll be kissing my weekends goodbye!!


  1. Hello Anna,

    I am a friend of Rupert Owen and I was wondering if your film was distributed in Canada. I looked for it at amazon.ca and could not find it.

    Congrats on your prize and thanks,


  2. Hi Anna,

    What are the official sources for the uncut (90 minute) version of The Band, or is the cut (73 minute) version the only one presently on sale?

    Congratulations again on your award win!

    Kind regards,