Link to article that appeared in Playboy Magazine in the Philippines and editing madness!

Who can believe it is May already! Where has this year gone and can I have some more time in my days please!!

I'm currently trying to finish the fine cut of "Making it Handmade!". Having set the deadline as the end of May and now teaching more hours, I'm finding only being able to dedicate 2 days a week to it, very unsatisfying. Just as I'm getting back into it and powering along I have to switch my brain back into teaching mode! At times like this I had wish I had funding and wasn't doing this with no budget.....why do I torture myself so!!!??????

Then again I would rather be making films than not so if this is the way it needs to be, then so be it!

Finally, I have a link to the article written by the very talented Ana Santos about female erotic filmmakers for Playboy in the Philippines.

I'm still waiting for my award from the Feminist Porn Awards in the mail but above is an image that I stole from "The Feminist awards" facebook page! Can't wait to feel its cold metal in my hand....I wonder if it will be stopped by customs!!! hee hee

Must return to the darkened cave of editing heaven, I promise I will emerge again soon!

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