"Making it HANDMADE" to premiere at MIFF

Photo by Rayna Fahey

Yes finally it can be announced!!

I've had to sit on this one for quite a few months....which for me is hard, especially as I was soooooo excited to have it premiering in my home town!

Sorry its taken so long for me to post about this but I've been making other things too while I'm been finishing this movie, and finally on early Sunday June 20th after nearly three days of intense labour I pushed out a beautiful baby boy called Royce! One of the hardest projects I've ever had to do! Oh well I can now say I'm giving birth to two children in two months, the other of course being a film baby!

Here is the MIFF website if you want to find out more and I'd love to see you all there on Sunday August 1st. Hang around afterwards so you can pick the brains of Pip, Casey, Rayna, Gemma and myself!

Also if you haven't checked it out there is a wonderful article written by Megan Spencer ( who will be chairing the Q and A after the screen of the film) in Frankie Magazine. I've always called this mag the "cool kids mag" so I've been joking with friends that I'm now one of the cool kids!!! hee hee what a joke, I'm really a bit of dag....and thought I was too much of weirdo to be considered even slightly cool! The above picture I stole from the lovely Gemma Jones's blog as I haven't been able to get into my office and scan the article yet!

Hope to see you all at the screening!


  1. Congratulations on both your babies! Sounds like Sunday will be a blast, wish I could be there but I wish you all the best and I'll look forward to seeing your film:)

  2. Just went to book a ticket to your film - and it's sold out - CONGRATULATIONS - looks like it's going to be a great success (and I'll miss out - boo hoo!)