On the Radio!

This morning I had the pleasure of for the second time being on Jon Faine's Conversation Hour on 774 ABC, promoting the screening of "Making it Handmade" at MIFF.

I thought I was going to be running late, for those of you not living in Melbourne, a power line went down and hence my baby sitter, Nanna Jean was stuck at Flinders street station without a train in sight! So my wonderful partner came to the rescue and I jumped into a cab. Halfway there will applying my makeup I realised the cab was swerving a bit and looked into the rear view mirror to see the cabbies eyes slowly closing!! Promptly I began asking him questions in rapid succession and we managed to get to the ABC studios without incident!

Jon's co-host today was actor Adam Zwar from one of my favourite Australian TV shows "Wilfred" and the other guest was John Wood of Blue Heelers fame! What a star studded line up! However, once the subject of my new wave erotic film and sex came up then all of a sudden it was like being in the studio with three giggling school boys!!

It was lots of fun but I was wondering if we would actually end up talking about "Making it Handmade!". However I'm glad I can finally gett my dirty little secret of loving craft out into the open!!!

You can listen to the interview here.


  1. Hi Anna,

    I really enjoyed your interview. I had to giggle too when the topic turned to sex, it was really, really fascinating. Especially how it gets rated:)

  2. Great interview. I'm a friend of Rupert and Tegrin so got the link from them. Wish your new film wasn't sold out. Just wrote a review for you on Amazon. K.

  3. Thanks for the review Freiheit! I must say that your blog is very saucy!!

  4. OOOps I forgot to mention there will be another screening but not at the festival. I'll keep you posted!

  5. i was at work so i missed this. i will have to see if its online anywhere. im heading to see your film tomorrow and can not wait!!

  6. i heard the interview and loved every second of it. can't wait to hear if there will be another screening of the movie. i was napping when news of the film festival screening came put. boo hoo