Sydney here we come! And talking about sex and films!

I'm getting very excited as I'm off to Sydney this weekend for the screening of "Making it Handmade". Two of the women in the documentary, Rayna Fahey and Casey Jenkins are going to be in Sydney town for the Object, "We craft this city", so they will be joining me for a Q and A after the screening. To book tickets you can click here, its strictly limited seating!

Finally, after a lot of running around like a chook with my head cut off, the DVD's of "Making it Handmade" should be in my hot little hand on Thursday! I've set up an online shop, so they will be available to purchase soon. Keep an eye on here or facebook for more details.

To add to my already full dance card, I will be speaking at Pleasure Salon in Melbourne on Monday 4th Oct about female erotic filmmakers and how they are reclaiming the genre! I was hoping to be able to show some clips from some of the great films I got to see while I was in Berlin last year, but unfortunately the venue is getting a little jittery and I'm only allowed to show clips leading up to sex scenes, but not the scenes themselves!! Oh well, guess I will be using verbal language to describe them instead!

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