Sydney Screening of "Making it Handmade"

Thank you to all who turned out for the screening in Sydney.

With my partner and baby in tow we headed off to the MeMuson Archives for the screening. It wasn't that far away from where we were staying, so we decided to walk which seemed like a good idea until it started to rain and rain and rain. Stepping in to the eclectic screening space of MeMuson Archives we were warmly greeted by Jamie and Aspa. Aspa was knitting an intricate baby rug, so we sat and discussed knitting while we waited for people to arrive.

The turn out while small (being from Victoria, we didn't realise that it was a long weekend and lots of people go away!) they were certainly passionate about craft! It was interesting to see how this audience reacted to the film and there was lots of heated discussion afterwards about the ethics of handcrafting goods and is it okay to subcontract it out either here in Australia or overseas!

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