Making it Handmade to screen in Ballarat!

Yes that's right folks we are hitting regional Victoria again with another screening of the film! This should be interesting as I was born and breed in Ballarat! I'm hoping there will be some familiar faces in the audience from my high school days. This could be scary for all of us...makes me wonder how well we have all aged!!! Or not!

Its been brought to you by the lovely ladies who run Red Brick Gallery. So big thanks to them for putting it all together!

If you are in the area the details are:

Where: 14 Camp St, Ballarat (the old masonic hall)

When: Saturday 9th April 2011

Time: 3pm, doors open at 2:30pm

To pre book tickets you can go here!

I'm being interviewed by ABC radio Ballarat today. I'll post about it when its going to air and also when it'll be up online.

There is some very exciting news about "Making it Handmade" but I have to keep it under my hat until its official!

Otherwise, things have been very quite on the filmmaking front. I've finished the transcripts of the interviews I did with various erotic filmmakers while at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and have just been trying to work out how I will structure it, if I need more interviews (I'm kicking myself I didn't interview Shine Louise Huston and Lousie Lush while I was there!). Also trying to work out what to do for cut aways as I don't have any observational footage. I'm thinking I might go the animation route. Then I can make it fun and lighthearted and probably get way with more nudity etc cause its just a cartoon!!!

Must go back to being a mother....hope to see you all in da Rat on Saturday 9th April!

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