Reflections of how life used to be....reflections on the Ballarat screening!

Marcia and Steph from Red Brick Gallery, you can guess who the other person is!

It was both comforting and disconcerting going back to Ballarat for the screening of "Making it Handmade", as this is town I grew up in memories of high school come flooding back! Especially when one of my lovely friends from high school, Jenni and her sister Sue turned up to see the film! And one of the teachers from my high school days who turned them into 16 year olds!!!

A big thank you to Steph from Red Brick Gallery who organised the screening. The turn out was good and there was lots of discussion afterwards. I especially loved the story of a quilting group in Ballarat that you need to submit a folio to before they will consider accepting you into their group!!

There are lots of amazing crafty stuff happening in Ballarat and I got to meet the Jodie Carleton who creative use of salvage I have always admired!

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the relaxed, friendly environment. Also the chance to slip back into the past and relive a little of my youth!

Thanks to all those who turned out and made it such a great day!

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