"Making it Handmade" to screen on ABC2!

I've had to sit on this news for quite awhile now and I have to admit it has been difficult!

It all began last year in November after I sent a copy of the film to the ABC, I received a very excited phone call from them and then nothing. Being caught up in the joy of motherhood I didn't give it another thought until after the new year. So I emailed them again to see what was happening and one replacement disc later and it was all systems go!

I joked with a friend that I had become mainstream!!! hee hee

No date for the screening as yet, but will let you know when I have one.

What else?

I had a meeting with Neil from Monster Pictures about the possibility of doing another erotic film. So I'm working on idea set in the suburbs, because we all know that is where you will find the most sexually diverse/perverse people. At the moment I've entitled it "Screwed in the Suburbs: perfect on the outside, perverted on the inside"! Fingers crossed that it will get up and running.

For a complete contrast, I have been throwing around some ideas for a craft series with Pip Lincolne. We pitched it to ABC and while they haven't rejected it, they suggested we come up with a different format....mmmmm back to the drawing board.

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