"making it HANDMADE" part 2

Yesterday, I headed out in the gale force winds to interview Pip Lincolne. I meet Pip years ago when her shop "Meet me at Mike's" was still in Richmond, but since then she has become such a whirlawind in the indie craft scene, been extensively featured in the press and has such a huge "fan club" world wide I wasn't quite sure who I was going to be meeting this time! Was this another person driven by money, cashing in on the resurgence of craft???

The answer is definately no! I now understand why Pip has such a huge following ( over 2000 visitors to her blog daily). Here is a woman who is passionate about craft and creating, but who isn't precious about her "art" and is happy to share her skills and knowledge to encourage everyone to have a go at crafting even if they make mistakes or produce "crap"craft. Its so refreshing to hear this and is something I think is wonderful about the indie craft movement that its about creating and not being put off by what I call the craft nazis ( those who insist on perfect technique) and letting your creativity roam free!

Today I'll be shooting footage of craft websites!! Thrilling I hear you yell! No not really but needs to be done for storytelling purposes!

Tomorrow I'm off to interview outspoken and fiesty crafter and designer Peta Pledger, which should be lots of fun and stir the pot up!!!

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