Behind the Scenes of "The Band"

I feel like I've been push a big barrow of mud and rocks up a hill! Not really, I've just been wading through the 20 odd hours of footage that was shot by Megan Spencer to be used for "Behind the scenes." Its strange to look at the footage now that nearly 3 years have past since we shot "The Band" and brings a new perspective to the shoot. Here are some things I didn't know:

Butch Midway aka Princess was working 8 hrs at his other job before he would come on set, hence he did most of the shoot sleep deprived! What a trooper, I don't know how he did it, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aer and Mike were driven crazy by having a film crew in their house for a week...okay I had some inkling of this.....thank you for putting up with it all.

How many people enjoyed working on the film and found the set very relaxed.

That lots of the clothes used in the film to dress Mia were mine and I never got them back! Obviously not that important to me, if I've only just noticed that now!

There were so many talented people involved in the film. Thank you all once again, it would have been nothing without all of you, every single one of you!

While it was hard to go through the footage and cut it down, so many "gems" of moments didn't make it, it restored my faith in how good the shoot was. There were several events that occurred after the shoot that jaded my perception of the experience so its nice to have faith restored once more and hopefully the 33mins will provide people with insight and entertainment into the journey that was the making of "The Band".

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