"making it HANDMADE" part 3

Its been a packed few days of shooting.

Sunday, I meet up with Casey of Craft Cartel and Trashbag Rehad to do some "Cunt Fling ups". As Casey busily added public hair to the last few vaginas, a friend of Casey's, Tash and myself made cloth roses to represent the flower that the clitoris is!

Casey had told me she had organised a few people to come along and help throw the "cunts" over power lines but I wasn't expecting the 15 people who turned up! There is something very powerful about a group of people walking along the street together!

Flinging the cunts proved to be more challenging than what I thought and when each person finally achieved it was greeted with jubilation! An uplifting and empowering time for craft and vaginas everywhere!

Monday night, I went off and shot some footage of "Died Pretty", a trashbag rehab gathering to beautify swine flu masks. Some amazing creations and the final parade was hilariously MCed by Erin Tasmania, who made me laugh so much I had difficulty holding my camera still! I had to fight for space with a lovely woman, Claire from SBS's show "Insight" and when I arrived Casey was engaged in an interview for ABC 774...what a media whore!! hee hee

As a contrast, next Monday I'm off to shoot "Brown Owls" with Pip Lincolne as they learn and share the art of embroidery. I might even drag out mine and do some stitching myself as I am in need of some manual creativity as shooting so much has left me little time to craft!


  1. In honor of your recent project but perhaps machismo in its ware ...


    Rups :)

  2. I prefer the term 'adult media entertainment artist', thank-you


  3. So sorry Casey, you will now be referred to as an "adult media entertainment artist"!